Park Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Pinehurst Trailer Park

Pinehurst Trailer Park is a family campground operated from the 1st Friday in May until Thanksgiving Monday each year.
While we still have some short-term camping sites available for the travelling public, our intention at Pinehurst is to cater to Seasonal Family Camping. In these financially difficult times we believe that our campground offers good value to those who, like you, have chosen to spend your weekends or at least some of your vacation time with us. We hope your stay at Pinehurst is a pleasant one.
One of the ways in which we can insure that everyone in our campground is properly served is to insist that all those staying in the Park strictly adhere to our Rules & Regulations.

The following represents the Rules & Regulations for the upcoming year.

1) The camping season for this Park will be from the 1st Friday in May until Thanksgiving Monday. Campers staying in the campground before the 1st Friday in May will be able to do so only with the permission of the Park Manager and will be required to pay an overnight fee of $20.00 per night or $25.00 for the weekend.
2) Before its owners or guests may occupy any trailer the full seasons rent and electric bill must be paid. Rent is due for all campers using the Park by the Opening weekend. Although other arrangements may be made for the paying of the annual rental, these arrangements must be made prior to occupation of the owners unit and these arrangements will be subject to an applicable rate of interest.
3) All trailers are to be used by owners and dependant children 18 & under living at home only. All others will be classed as visitors and will be subject to the applicable fee.
4) All Mobile Homes and some Park Models are subject to Municipal Property Taxes, Which will be shown on your invoice. These taxes are due with your seasonal lot Fees. A late fee of 2% per month will be charged for late payment.
5) Transfer and sale of Trailers or Mobile Homes must be handled through The Park Owners and will be subject to minimum fee of $200.00 or 4% of the selling price. Absolutely no For Sale signs allowed in units

6) All Trailers left in the Park over the winter season are subject to a $200.00 Storage and reservation fee. This fee becomes part of your seasonal rent for the following season. This fee is not optional and must be paid on or before the first weekend in Oct. each year. In the event that this is not paid at the end of the season it will be added to your seasonal fees as an additional charge.

7) No tents allowed on sites with trailers. Absolutely no exceptions

8) Trailer Owners are not allowed to rent or lend their trailer to relatives and friends without prior consent from management. There will be a fee in some cases and the seasonal visitor�s fee does not cover this fee.

9) Lots must be kept clean. No storage under trailers. Storage sheds are recommended (1 per site).

10) Grass must be cut on a regular basis. If management finds it necessary to cut grass a fee of $25.00 will be charged.

11) Washrooms & laundry facilities are provided for your convenience.Absolutely no cloths lines for regular laundry. Towels and bathing suits are permitted.  An adult must accompany children under 6. Proper use and cleanliness is a must. Please instruct your small children to stay out of washrooms and laundry facilities with sand pails.

12) Garbage must be bagged and taken to the Dumpster by the Pavilion. Items such as refrigerators, Propane Tanks, Batteries. Furniture, Lawn Mowers, etc. Cannot be disposed of in the Dumpster. For these items please watch for the hard goods clean-up days in the recreation schedule. Please bag leaves at your own site. We will pick them up. Do not place in Dumpster.

13) Dog owners must have their animals under control at all times. On a leash while walking, tied up on owner�s property or contained within a fenced yard. Pet Owners must stoop & scoop. Owners must show proof of annual shots for their pets. Absolutely no Pit Bulls, Rottwielers, or Dobermans allowed in the Park.

14) Park Speed is 5 M.P.H. or 8 K.P.H. Zero Tolerance. Vehicles are to be used to enter the Park and exit the Park. For all other travel within the Park we recommend walking. Some exceptions for seniors.

15) Electric Golf Carts will only be allowed for seniors and people presenting a handicapped certificate from their Doctor and are only to be used by these people. Each cart owner must produce proof of Liability Insurance. These carts are only allowed to carry the number of people that the unit has seating capacity for. They are not to be used by children to drive around the Park. This is a safety and liability concern and Cart owners who do not abide by these regulations will be asked to remove them from the Park.

16) Respect Your Neighbours. No loud parties. Drunkenness and immoral conduct will not be tolerated. Quiet time is 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM. All children including teenagers must be at their own lots by 11:00 Pm unless accompanied by an adult. Please instruct your children to use roads, do not cut through other people�s lots.

Visitors Regular Weekends

This Park is for its Tenants. Visitors should be kept at a minimum.

Visitor Fees
Overnight $10.00 per person
Expires @ 2:00 PM the following day

Seniors and children 6 and under Free
Absolutely no Visitors allowed entry into the Park after 9:00 PM

Tenants and Visitors Obligations

1) All visitors must register upon arrival.
2) Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their visitors as well as their admission if not paid up front.
3) Management has the right to evict or refuse admission.
4) Visitor parking is by the washrooms and beside the pavilion only. No more than 2 vehicles per site.
5) Do not park on neighbours sites or empty lots without prior consent.

Pinehurst Trailer Park will not be held liable for any damage caused to trailers or personal property due to flood, wind, tornado or falling trees caused by natures elements in any way shape or form.


Pinehurst Park is dependant on each of its campers to look after the general well being of the Park and its operation. Over the past couple of years we have been aware of the tremendous effort many long time campers have put into making your camping season enjoyable. In an effort to protect this campground, we would like to encourage a neighbourhood watch and ask that you inform management of any wrong doing immediately.

Anyone not abiding by the above mentioned Rules and Regulations would be subject to eviction at any time without refund.


Pinehurst Trailer Park
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